November 14, 2015 02:15 PM

One man says his cell phone saved his life during Friday’s horrific attacks on Paris.

Identified only as Sylvestre, the main detailed witnessing one of the several explosions to On Demand News.

Sylvestre was nearly hit by a piece of shrapnel when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive outside the Stade de France stadium.

“It exploded right in front of me,” he told ODN. “Everything was blown to bits and I felt stuff flying around and I left, I fell and then I got back up.”

Sylvestre, who had just ended a call on his Samsung phone, had at least one injury on his abdomen – as seen in the clip – but the bulk of the damage was done to the cell.

“This is the cellphone that took the hit. It’s what saved me,” he said, showing off the smartphone, which he had been holding near his face.

The mobile device had a hole through the back and a completely shattered front screen.

As of Saturday, the Islamic State, better known as ISIS, has reportedly claimed responsibility for the coordinated attacks, which they called the “first of the storm.”

“It’s an act of war, committed by a terrorist army Daesh [ISIS], an army of Jihadists, against France,” French President Francois Hollande said outside the Bataclan concert hall where at least 82 people were killed. He added that the attackers were intent on killing as many people as possible and vowed that France will be “ruthless” in its response.

French officials confirmed Saturday that at least 129 have been killed with 352 injured, including 99 critically injured. They also say that 8 terrorists have been killed in connection with the attacks.

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