Andrew Rannells is cherishing his friends and family in the wake of the Orlando shooting

By Char Adams
Updated June 17, 2016 04:50 PM
Christopher Smith/Invision/AP

Girls star Andrew Rannells is one of many grieving after Sunday’s mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub.

The 37-year-old spoke about the tragic shooting on Thursday at a New York screening of HBO’s Suited, telling reporters that the horrific shooting has him thinking about how “fragile life is.”

“My heart goes out to all of those [victims] out there and all of those who’ve lost loved ones,” he said. “It just makes you realize how extremely precious life is I just feel very grateful for my friends and my family.”

For nearly a week, the nation has been mourning the deaths of 49 people killed on Sunday when Omar Mateen opened fire on Pulse, a gay nightclub in the city’s downtown area.

Along with the deaths, 53 people were injured in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

“The thing that’s so scary about that is that you look at the pictures of the victims and you realize that that could be anybody,” he continued. “You recognize those people. That could be my brother or my friend, and that’s what’s devastating.

“Those were just people out for a good time.”

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Rannells remembered the 49 victims in an Instagram post this week, posting a collage photo of those killed in the massacre.

He captioned the photo: “There are not enough words to express how tragic the loss of each of these lives are. #orlando #loveislove.”