Donnie Davis was handcuffed and detained while mall shoppers chant, "Let the Oompa Loompa go!"

By Mark Gray and Linda Marx
Updated July 17, 2009 01:50 PM

What a madhouse at south Florida’s Westfield Broward Mall!

Wearing the trademark green wig, brown shirt and white overalls, one of Jeff Beacher’s Madhouse Oompa Loompas was detained by security guards in Plantation, Fla., on Friday.

While promoting his upcoming comedy show scheduled for Saturday night at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, Donnie Davis was handcuffed and detained for several hours at the mall. He had been laughing and hyping the show in one of the mall’s trendy jeans and accessories stores – much to the dismay of mall authorities, it seems.

“They got Donnie and cuffed him,” Jeff Beacher, creator of the touring comedy show, tells PEOPLE. “He and several other Oompa Loompas have been promoting the tour, and I guess security finally got fed up with them. It was ridiculous – one of the craziest and funniest things I have ever seen … Not to mention a little over the top! They are innocent Oompa Loompas!”

Hundreds of Florida shoppers agreed. When the security officer cuffed Davis, they were laughing and screaming: “Let the Oompa Loompa go!”

Even though the little guys were promoting with no official permission, security finally let Davis go without arrest.

Calls to multiple spokespersons at the Westfield Broward Mall were not returned.
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