Patricia Spann, 43, and her 25-year-old daughter have been charged with incest after getting married in Oklahoma

By Char Adams
Updated September 12, 2016 11:15 AM
Credit: Stephens County Sheriff's Office

The son of the Oklahoma mother charged with incest for marrying her daughter alleges the woman was a “predator” who “forced” his brother and then sister to marry her – and threatened to kill them if they did not comply.

“I think she’s just a sick, twisted individual that has something messed up in her head,” Cody Spann, 24, tells PEOPLE of his mother, 43-year-old Patricia Spann. “Why would you want to be with one of your own kids? Patricia’s a very disgusting and horrible person.”

Patricia and Cody’s older sister, 25-year-old Misty, were arrested on Tuesday after authorities discovered that the two were legally married. Officials later learned that she married her oldest son, Jody, in 2008, but the man filed for an annulment in 2010 citing “incest,” according to an affidavit obtained by PEOPLE.

Patricia told authorities that she lost custody of her children when they were young, and the kids were raised by their grandparents. She said she and Misty “hit it off” when she came back into their lives about two years ago.

However, Cody says Patricia reentered their lives in 2007 or 2008, claiming to be a friend rather than their biological mother. Cody says he, Patricia and his siblings spent some time in Texas where Patricia and Jody became close. The two eventually married, but when the family returned to Oklahoma, everyone learned the truth about being related.

“My grandmother looked at my brother and told him that was his mom,” Cody recalls. “My brother … said that he wanted to get away from her – that was not what he wanted. And she threatened to kill him. She threatened to poison him.”

He says Jody was allegedly “manipulated, forced and threatened” after he learned the truth. He said that after that marriage was annulled, Patricia set her sights on Misty, allegedly threatening her with poisoning and kidnapping if Misty refused.

“My sister was manipulated and scared into this. Was she an adult? Yes she was. But my sister was scared,” Cody says.

Court records show that the two became married in March.

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A Duncan Police Department spokesman tells PEOPLE police believe there was allegedly “more than likely” some coercion and manipulation from Patricia but “all indications show that both of the children who married their mother went to the court of their own free will and signed the documents to marry her.”

“There may have been some coercion there, but they had the choice and they chose to go ahead and do that,” the spokesman says.

The spokesman adds that neither Jody nor Misty ever reported threats from their mother to police.

However, Cody says that Patricia allegedly admitted to friends that she “pushed” her daughter into the incestuous marriage.

Cody Says Mother Tried to Marry Him

Cody tells PEOPLE his mother allegedly tried to marry him.

“She only tried that once and I told her to get lost,” he alleges. “When she tried coming on to me, I told her that she was my mother. That is disgusting and I would never be with her.”

Patricia told authorities that she allegedly “looked into it” and determined, erroneously, that marrying Misty would not violate the law because her name was not on an amended birth certificate created when she lost custody of her children.

Both Patricia and Misty have been charged with one count each of incest and are being held at the Stephen County Jail. Police told PEOPLE Monday that neither yet has an attorney or has entered a plea.

Cody says local police agreed that his sister and brother were victims “at the hands of a predator.”

“Why would you want to be with one of your kids? You birthed these children?” Cody asks. “God gave you a blessing of putting three kids on earth that actually belong to you and the first thing you want to do is go and mess it all up.”

Police have not determined a motive for the marriages, and Cody says he does not know what would prompt his mother to seek such a relationship with her children.

“I don’t know if something happened to her when she was younger that made her think that was okay,” he says, noting that his maternal grandparents said they “have never seen anything like that come from them.”