Det. Thomas McLaughlin was ordered to attend sensitivity training after the Dec. 21 incident

By Tara Fowler
January 30, 2015 03:30 PM
Robin Adelmann/Facebook

An Ohio detective was ordered to attend sensitivity training after a transgender woman complained that he played “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” while she was being questioned, Fox 8 News reported on Wednesday.

Robin Adelmann, 34, was arrested by Lakewood police officers on suspicion of shoplifting back on Dec. 21. She told Fox 8 that officers were respectful during her arrest, but that she became the target of mockery once she was being interviewed.

Adelmann said Detective Tom McLaughlin started playing the Aerosmith song while she was speaking with another officer.

“I look at the detective [questioning me] and I’m like, ‘You know why he’s doing that, right?’ And the detective was like, ‘Hey, what can ya do?’ ” she told Clevescene.

According to Adelmann, McLaughlin queued up the Kinks’s “Lola” – a song about a man meeting a transgender woman – next, prompting the officer interviewing her to get up and ask him to stop.

“Hey!” Adelmann said she heard McLaughlin shout. “It’s a good song!”

She filed a complaint against him next morning. “I live in a homeless shelter, but things have been going well for me,” she told Clevescene.

“I’m really loving the fact that I decided to transition and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But some of this is really difficult. I hear that kind of stuff on the street every single day, no matter what. So when I heard it from a professional police officer who is supposed to protect us, it was just too much.”

Lakewood Police Chief Tim Malley confirmed to that an internal investigation was opened following the complaint. He added that McLaughlin has was issued a verbal warning and ordered to attend sensitivity training.

“It doesn’t shine the Lakewood Police Department in a very good light,” said Malley. “The officer knows what he did was inappropriate. He feels very badly for our complainant here.”