He will spend the weekend in Las Vegas jail for violating the terms of his bail agreement
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX

O.J. Simpson is heading back to jail tonight, PEOPLE has learned, after court officials confirmed that his bail was revoked.

Simpson will spend the weekend behind bars in Las Vegas as he awaits a court hearing on the matter on Wednesday.

Documents allege that the fallen football star violated his court-approved bail agreement in an alleged armed robbery incident by trying to contact a co-defendant in his case.

“[Simpson] attempted to dissuade a [Clarence Stewart] from testifying and cooperating with law enforcement,” court documents said.

Simpson, who was behind bars on 11 felonies, bailed out after agreeing to turn over his passport and have no contact with any involved in the case. The documents claim that Simpson tried contacting Stewart via his bail bondsman on Nov. 16 last year.

A rep for the You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds said, “We have nothing to say at this time.”

In a profanity-laced message, Simpson stated that he hoped Stewart was telling him “the truth.”

A spokesman for the Clark County District Attorney did not return calls.

Meanwhile, Kim Goldman, the sister of victim Ron Goldman who was killed in 1994 with Nicole Brown Simpson, says she and her father Fred were “elated” by the news that Simpson is in trouble again.

“He thinks he’s above the law – that he doesn’t have to honor the rules,” Goldman told PEOPLE. “His egotistical behavior gets in the way and it gets him in trouble and I love it. He is sending the message that he doesn’t show respect for the law.”