Older, grayer and heavier, Simpson makes his first court appearance since 2008

By Associated Press
Updated May 13, 2013 02:00 PM
O.J. Simpson at his 2008 sentencing
Getty; AP

It’s not the O.J. Simpson of the football field, TV commercials, “The Trial of the Century,” or even his last court date.

Instead, the 65-year-old man who was led shackled into a Las Vegas courtroom appeared older, grayer and heavier after spending 4 ½ years behind bars.

In his first public appearance since 2008, Simpson was in court to ask for a new trial in the case that ended with a nine- to 33-year prison term.

The former football hero, infamously acquitted of a double murder in the 1990s, was convicted more than a decade later of armed robbery and other charges.

With a new set of lawyers, Simpson is trying to convince a judge his attorney in the Nevada trial, Yale Galanter, had conflicted interests and shouldn’t have handled Simpson’s armed case.

Simpson says that Galanter knew ahead of time about his plan to retrieve what he thought were personal mementoes from two sports memorabilia dealers at a casino hotel room in September 2007.

Simpson also says his lawyer never told him a plea deal was on the table.