The actor was charged with the misdemeanor after being accused of choking his girlfriend earlier this year
Credit: Courtesy Saratoga Springs Police Department

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

and Criminal Minds actor Nicholas Brendon pled guilty to criminal mischief – a misdemeanor – in a Saratoga Springs, New York, court on Friday, the Times Union reports.

In the incident in question, which took place on Sept. 30, Brendon allegedly grabbed his girlfriend by the throat, took her car keys and smashed her cell phone in an attempt to get her to stay, the Saratoga Springs Police Department previously confirmed to PEOPLE.

Brendon, 44, was offered a conditional discharge that will allow him to stay out of jail as long as he completes drug and alcohol counseling and stays out of trouble for one year, the Saratoga Springs District Attorney told the Times Union.

“I think everyone agrees it was a fair disposition, including Nicholas,” Brendon’s attorney Peter Coseo told the Times Union. (Brendon’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.) “He is in a much better place than he was when he was charged in September. He seemed to me very pleased with his progress, and hopes to get his life back together.”

Brendon has had a very turbulent year: He was arrested four times, entered rehab in June for substance abuse, depression and alcoholism, and checked in to another treatment center in October for depression.

In an interview with Dr. Phil taped earlier this year and which aired last week, Brendon revealed details of a failed suicide attempt, revealed that he was allegedly molested by his teacher and talked about his arrests and subsequent stints in rehab.

“Maybe I’m just done,” he said of entering rehab. “Maybe I’m ready to be happy now.”