Newborn Reportedly Found in Apartment Building Where Eight-Months Pregnant Woman Vanished

Police in Fargo, North Dakota, found a healthy, two-day old newborn alive on Thursday, five days after an eight-month-old pregnant woman vanished, PEOPLE confirms.

Police in Fargo, North Dakota, found a healthy, 2-day-old newborn alive on Thursday, five days after an eight-months pregnant woman vanished, PEOPLE confirms.

The pregnant woman, Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, 22, of Fargo, is still missing, Fargo Police Chief David Todd said in a Thursday update on Facebook.

“We do not have information that tells us where Savanna Greywind is,” the chief said.

“At this point in time, we are not able to confirm if the newborn is Savanna Greywind’s child or not,” he said.


According to local news outlets, the infant was found in the same apartment building where LaFontaine-Greywind lives — and where she was last seen before she vanished on Saturday, her family told TV station WDAY.

Police returned to the apartment building after a baby’s cries were heard in an upstairs apartment police had previously searched, TV station WDAZ reports.

The baby found at the apartment was taken to the hospital by authorities.

The startling revelation came as Chief Todd said officers had two suspects in custody in connection with the woman’s disappearance.

“We have two people detained,” he said. “The investigation is proceeding.”

On Wednesday, Todd said investigators were able to gather enough information to obtain a search warrant, which they executed the following day.

“When we conducted the search warrant at the suspect’s residence, we discovered an infant that appears to be a newborn,” Todd said.

LaFontaine-Greywind is described as 5-foot-4, with long brown hair, green eyes and tattoos on her right leg and foot. She was wearing a pink shirt, shorts, and Nike slip-on sandals before she vanished.

She is a certified nursing assistant at Eventide Fargo, a local senior citizens residence.

A Family’s Horror

The family’s ordeal began on Saturday, when a woman living in a third-floor apartment knocked on the door of the LaFontaine-Greywind family’s basement apartment and asked if she would model a dress she was sewing so she could pin it, offering to pay her $20 for doing so, the Forum News Service reports.

The family didn’t know the woman well, according to the outlet. After saying she would go to help, LaFontaine-Greywind left the apartment but never returned, reportedly leaving her car and wallet behind.

When the young woman’s mother, Norberta LaFontaine-Greywind, when to check on her daughter upstairs, she was told she had left, according to one local report.

“I immediately knew something was wrong because [my daughter’s] car is here,” Norberta told the Forum News Service. “She’s eight-months pregnant. Her feet were swollen so she wouldn’t have taken up walking like that. There was pizza here that she hadn’t eaten. She would not just leave that lady’s apartment and go somewhere.”

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According to the Forum News Service, the last time Savanna’s mother heard from her was when her daughter texted to let her know that she was going upstairs to help the neighbor.

“We didn’t think too much about it,” her mother said.

Savanna also texted her boyfriend, Ashton Matheny, around the same time. “We were joking around,” he reportedly told local TV station WDAY.

The upstairs neighbor’s apartment has since been searched three times by police, according to the Forum News Service.

A second-floor neighbor in the family’s apartment building said that he and a roommate heard sustained noise in the bathroom above their apartment on Saturday afternoon, according to the Pioneer.

“We were getting ready to leave [and] we heard a banging in the bathtub” for about 15 or 20 minutes, about 1:30 or 2 p.m., he said.

Then he heard the shower turn on: “It seemed kind of odd.”

‘Excited’ to Be a Mom

Savanna and Matheny are expecting a daughter in late September, the Forum News Service reports, and she is “very excited” about becoming a mom, her mother said.

Matheny said he and Savanna were about to move into a new apartment, which they had prepared for the baby’s arrival. Now he is spending his days searching for his missing girlfriend.

“It’s unlike her to just up and disappear like that without telling anything,” he told WDAY. “I don’t think that she would do that.”

“I don’t understand why she would leave without her wallet, her car keys, her car,” Matheny said.

Fargo police and Savanna’s family did not immediately respond to calls for comment on Thursday.

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