Joran Van der Sloot claims he was lying in the secretly obtained footage
Credit: AP; Peter Dejong/AP

In a new video, Joran Van der Sloot confesses to being with Natalee Holloway when she collapsed on a beach and died – a confession he is now calling a lie.

Hollway went missing in May 2005 while vacationing in Aruba. The 18-year-old Alabaman was last seen leaving a nightclub with Van der Sloot, 20, and two friends. Van der Sloot, who was living on the island, since has been taken into custody several times for alleged involvement in Holloway’s disappearance.

Outfitted with hidden cameras, “friend” of Van der Sloot Patrick van der Eem, 34, got repeated confessions, which aired on TV in the Netherlands Sunday. ABC News will air the tapes on 20/20: The Final Hours of Natalee Holloway Monday at 9:30 p.m. ET.

In the secretly obtained footage, Van der Sloot said Holloway was drunk and that she began shaking and slumped down on the beach as they were kissing.

“Suddenly she started shaking and then she didn’t say anything,” Van der Sloot said in Dutch. “I would never murder a girl.”

He said he then called a friend, called “Daury,” who used his boat to dump the body at sea. Asked by Van der Eem how he could be so sure that Holloway was dead and not just “in a coma,” Van der Sloot admitted that he wasn’t.

In advance of the tapes airing, Van der Sloot on Friday insisted in a phone call to a Dutch television show that he was lying when he described the night Holloway disappeared. “I just told Van der Eem what he wanted to hear,” Van der Sloot said.

But Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, told ABC: “I don’t think any of us are surprised by his reaction [that his comments were fiction], but I know one thing. Once people see the video of Joran there are no more questions. There is no one who can walk away from this believing that he is innocent.”

Van der Sloot attorney Joe Tacopina also spoke to ABC News and said that his client’s statements “are not a confession.”

“His story changes over 20 hours,” Tacopina said. “What he says is that she died, he panicked and called a friend from a pay phone, which by the way is disprovable because the Aruban coast guard has already looked at that pay phone. There’s no such calls. They have the records.”

Aruban prosecutors hope to reopen the investigation again.