"Do you want me to go to jail?" Howard K. Stern allegedly pleaded when she wouldn't wake up
Credit: Albert Ferreira/startraks

Anna Nicole Smith drank medication that put her into a slumber for two days as her frantic boyfriend Howard K. Stern cried and tried to shake her awake, the late model’s former nanny said in court Wednesday.

“He kept saying, ‘Anna, Anna, get up. Do you want me to go to jail? Do you want to die?'” nanny Quethelie Alexie recalled outside the jury’s presence.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Robert Perry allowed Alexie to repeat the story for the jury. But when she did, the story changed somewhat, with her now saying Stern told her that Smith was “trying to make him go to jail.” Perry then struck the testimony from the record, saying he did not consider it reliable.

Prosecutors in the two-month criminal trial are trying to show that Stern helped illegally acquire a mountain of prescription drugs for Smith, frequently obtaining medications under different names in the years before her 2007 death at age 39. Also on trial are two of Smith’s doctors. They have all pleaded not guilty.