The former cable host is outraged that Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of killing her daughter in 2011, is allowed around children

When photographs emerged of Casey Anthony this week, they were bound to create controversy.

Two pictures emerged of the 31-year-old woman — who has been called “the most hated mom in America” – and she’s holding a baby. One of the pictures, taken at a restaurant, appears to show an empty pitcher and cocktail glasses with fruit in them.

Anthony gained notoriety when she was was charged with killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, but she was acquitted in 2011.

Unsurprisingly, former TV host Nancy Grace had a lot to say about it.

“Well, she has reared her head again,” Grace said on a podcast on her website, “Three things that don’t mix: booze, tot mom Casey Anthony, and babies. But lo and behold, when I log on this morning, I see a picture of tot mom Casey Anthony sitting behind an empty pitcher of what looks to be sangria or margaritas!”

“You know what? Tot Mom, have at it. Drink all you want,” Grace continues. “But then when you add a baby to the mix, and you put the baby in tot mom’s arms? She was just tried for murdering her child! It’s not a good look.”

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Credit: AP Photo/Joshua Replogle

The photos, which appeared on TMZ, show Anthony holding an infant, who according to the outlet is a grandson of a TV producer who has gotten close to her.

In the 14-minute audio, Grace also reacts to PEOPLE’s report that Anthony is “bored out of her mind.”

“She spends her days watching TV, playing on the internet, and being bored.” Grace says. “Bored is your own creation. Look around. Get your head out of your own life. Look at all the people who need help. All the volunteering you could do to make amends. Quit thinking of yourself.”

Grace adds, “Not only that, she could spend her time mending fences with her parents, who seem to me to be good and decent people that she threw under the bus. And maybe a little therapy with a professional would help. Those are a few ideas she could work on.”