Police say the suspect burglarized two homes, drank the owners' alcohol and used their hot tub and shower
Credit: Keizer Police Department/AP

Police near Salem, Oregon, say they arrested a naked man after he broke into two homes, drank booze and used a hot tub at one of the houses.

Officers received a 911 call early Sunday from a woman who was house-sitting in Keizer, Oregon, when she was awakened by noises coming from the laundry room.

As she went to check it out, the laundry room door slammed, so she grabbed a knife and called police and her husband.

Police found a naked Guillermo Brambila Lopez inside, and arrested him without incident. Investigators determined that he climbed in through a back window after removing a screen.

They also noticed that screens had been removed from windows at a neighbor’s home. Police say the suspect had burglarized that home, drinking the homeowner’s alcohol and using the hot tub and shower.