Yasmin Seweid was last seen leaving her home in New Hyde Park, Long Island, at about 8 p.m

By Alexia Fernandez
Updated December 09, 2016 09:37 PM
Nassau County Police Department

An 18-year-old Long Island Muslim teenager, who claimed she was harassed on a New York City subway last week, has has now been reported missing, according to the Nassau County Police Department.

Yasmin Seweid was last seen leaving her home in New Hyde Park, Long Island, at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday wearing a black jacket, black head scarf, black yoga pants and a blue sweater. Police say she also carried a bag containing clothing.

The Nassau County Police Department Missing Persons Squad is asking anyone with information to call 516-573-7347 or call 911.

The teenager made headlines when she wrote a post on Facebook describing her ordeal.

“I was harassed on the subway last night and it was just so dehumanizing I can’t speak about it without getting emotional,” she wrote on Dec. 2. “Three white racists ripped the straps off my bag & attempted to yank my hijab off my head. They yelled such disgusting slurs at me, I was so helpless and felt defenseless.”


Seweid wrote that the people harassing her were yelling, “Look it’s a f—ing terrorist,” “go back to your country” and “take that rag off your head.” She said the traumatic event made her realize that despite her education and upbringing, she would never been seen as American by others.

“No matter how ‘cultured’ or ‘Americanized’ I am, these people don’t see me as an American,” she wrote, adding, “It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs.”

As well as verbally abusing her, she claims her assailants were repeatedly yelling President-elect Donald Trump’s name.

“Trump America is real and I witnessed it first hand last night!” the student wrote. “Please stay safe everyone & never let anyone take your rights away.”