Alla Kournikova, 46, was charged with neglecting her 5-year-old son

By Linda Marx
Updated January 20, 2010 12:05 PM
Credit: Splash News Online

Alla Kournikova, mother of tennis star Anna Kournikova, was arrested and put in jail Tuesday on charges of child neglect after leaving her 5-year-old son, Allen, home alone in her $2 million Palm Beach home for more than 50 minutes while she went to the bank and post office.

According to the Palm Beach police’s probable-cause affidavit, a neighbor called authorities to report that a little boy named Allen, a half-brother of the tennis star, was “soaking wet and walking in front of his house, acting very upset.” The caller told police that the child said he “had jumped out of a window.”

When police officers arrived at the Kournikova home purchased by Alla, 46, in 2005, Allen told them that after he “jumped out of the second story window” he entered the family swimming pool because his “feet hurt.”

Police did a study of the home, located in the center of Palm Beach, and learned that the second-story roof was about 15 feet high. Allen landed in a white stone side yard, police said, between a pair of air conditioning units.

“I hung by my hands before letting go,” Allen told the police. He then walked through a black fence and entered the pool. His feet hurt because he was barefoot when falling onto the stones.

Palm Beach Fire Rescue came and examined Allen, who had bruising on his feet and lower back. He was admitted to a local hospital while police attempted to reach Kournikova through a cell-phone number obtained in a search.

When Kournikova returned to her house she was asked to go to the police station where she told the officers that her son was “awake and sitting on the couch watching television at the time she left her home.”

Kournikova, who is raising the boy alone, said she dead-bolted the house and gave Allen a cell phone to use while she was gone. He didn’t accompany her on her errands because he said he “did not want to go.”

Kournikova, an aspiring Palm Beach socialite, was eventually released from jail on $3,000 bond for the third-degree felony. She did not return calls to PEOPLE.