Angie Geyser opened up about her daughter's recovery and the next legal steps
Credit: Michael Sears/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/TNS/Getty

Following her transfer to a Wisconsin mental health facility, 14-year-old Morgan Geyser, who was accused of stabbing her schoolmate at a friend’s sleepover in 2014, has seen progress in her mental state.

However, speaking to the Journal Sentinel, Morgan’s mother, Angie Geyser discussed the new difficulties the family faces since her daughter has been treated for early onset schizophrenia, which she was diagnosed with following the alleged stabbing.

“When the medication finally worked, it was like a switch went on, like ‘There you are! Where have you been?'” Geyser told the outlet. “[But] with lucidity comes awareness of the gravity of the situation.”

Despite the situation, Geyser added that she tries to be optimistic, speaking to her daughter in terms of “when,” but Morgan only responds in “ifs.”

The next big step in Morgan’s case, is the pending decision of whether or not Morgan’s case will be transferred from adult court to juvenile court, where any sentence she receives if convicted, would be far less harsh than the sentencing in adult court.

According to the Journal Sentinel, if Morgan is found guilty in juvenile court she would face a maximum of three years in a juvenile facility before being released and put on community supervision until her 18th birthday.

The adult court alternative reportedly carries up to 45 years in prison and supervision after release.

In either case, Morgan’s attorneys may present an insanity defense, which – if she’s found guilty and the defense is successful – would land the teenager in the mental facility she’s currently in, Winnebago Mental Health Institute, for an undetermined amount of time, the newspaper reports.

Geyser, however, told the Sentinel that she’s focusing on the appellate court process, hoping that Morgan is tried as a minor; and she believes that there’s a silent community supporting that decision, along with the more than 70 others who have sent written letters, encouraging the court to make the transfer.

“There’s some feeling that if you show compassion for the girls, you’re somehow lessening what happen to Bella,” she added, referring to the victim Payton Leutner by her nickname.

Leutner was stabbed approximately 19 times by Morgan, and friend Anissa Weier. At the time of their arrest in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Morgan told authorities that she was going to see Slenderman, who according to Internet lore, lives in a mansion in a national park.

As the family awaits a decision, Geyser still batters herself with one question: ‘How did she not know?”

“A big part of parenting in general is second-guessing. ‘How didn’t I know she was sick?'” Geyser told the newspaper. “There were no glaring, obvious signs she was ill.”