Kayla Finley rented Monster-in-Law in 2005 – in 2014, she was arrested

By Nate Jones
Updated February 17, 2014 04:00 PM
Credit: Melissa Moseley/New Line Cinema

Reason No. 1 to sign up for Netflix, if you live in South Carolina: You won’t get arrested over a late DVD return.

In 2005, Kayla Finley of Pickens, S.C., rented a VHS copy of the Jennifer Lopez film Monster-in-Law from Dalton’s Video. Though the tape was due back three days later, Finley never returned it. Nine years later, VHS has gone the way of vinyl, Dalton’s Video has closed down and Finley, 27, has spent a night in jail for her mistake.

Finley’s reign of video-keeping terror came to an end Thursday, when she attempted to report a stalker to the Pickens Law Enforcement Center, Fox Carolina reports. While entering her information, officers found an outstanding warrant for her arrest, dating back to September 2005 – after sending Finley several overdue notices, the owner of Dalton’s Video had apparently reported her to the police.

Finley claimed that she never received any notices due to a change of address, but she was still arrested and charged with petty larceny. Finley spent the night in jail and was released Friday on a $2,000 bail.

On Fox Carolina’s Facebook page, she vowed to fight the charges.

“This is a bogus charge, and everyone knows it,” Finley wrote.

Besides Lopez, Monster-in-Law stars Michael Vartan and Jane Fonda. It has a Tomatometer rating of 16 percent and can be purchased on eBay for $1.37.

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