Kaine Horman says wife Terri, who took two polygraph tests, is working with investigators

By Eunice Oh
June 25, 2010 03:45 PM
FBI; Landov

Terri Moulton Horman has been the subject of police attention and taken two polygraph tests, but the stepmom of missing Kyron Horman has the support of his family members, who spoke out on the network morning shows Friday.

“I believe she’s committed, as the rest of our family is, to finding Kyron,” her husband Kaine Horman, told The Early Show.

“The investigators are working with her and with us to help find him,” he said as his ex-wife and the second-grader’s mother, Desiree Young, nodded her head in agreement.

Though the official search has been called off, authorities are still tracking down more than 2,500 leads and tips, according to Young.

“Honestly I’m a little scared at this point,” she told the Today show Friday. “Three weeks is a long time and we need to bring him home. [I’m] scared in the sense that he’s not at home where we know he’s safe.”

On Good Morning America, Young said she can’t think of a reason why her son has not been seen since June 4.

“It’s like a portal opened up in the school and Kyron just vanished into it,” she said. “It’s a mystery.”

“[Kyron],” she adds, “is very timid and shy. He also can’t see very well so he tends to stick very close to home. He doesn’t go outside a certain parameter. He’s not an adventurous child so he doesn’t like to wander off.”