August 24, 2016 12:05 PM

Mischa Barton has disavowed any responsibility after a judge ordered her to pay $200,000 for allegedly not following through on a work contract.

“To the articles that have emerged in the news about me skipping on a movie role in 2014 to be on holiday in Europe is all made up rubbish,” the actress tweeted Wednesday, two days after news broke that the star had been ordered to pay the sum, plus interest, to writer/director Daniel Lief, who claimed Barton “ran off” with his money after signing on to star in his movie Promoted in 2014.

“I never made a deal to appear in Mr. Lief’s film in 2014 nor received a single dime,” Barton, 30, added in a second tweet. “This is a case of slander by the reporter from a former case of fraud and forgery from my now former manager which hurts me to even share.”

According to the original filing obtained by PEOPLE, Lief claimed Barton’s decision to go on a European vacation during scheduled filming dates in March 2014 was a “cavalier” breach of contract and alleged the actress was “unjustly enriched due to [her] unlawful behavior.”

The papers detailed that Barton was given money upfront for the film and that her actions at the start of filming incurred expenses to Lief’s production company; though they reached a settlement at the time, she allegedly did not make good on that contract, either.

At the time, Lief sought $557,900 in cumulative damages. A judge has now ordered Barton to pay $200,000, plus interest, to Lief.

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