David Crowey, his wife Komel and daughter Rani were found dead on Saturday in apparent murder-suicide and neighbors hadn't seen the family since before Christmas

By Caitlin Keating
Updated January 19, 2015 12:30 PM
Courtesy David Crowley/Instagram

The bodies of a man, woman and child were found dead in the living room of their Apple Valley, Minnesota, home on Saturday, apparently part of a murder-suicide, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

David T. Crowley, 29, his wife, Komel Crowley, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter, Rani, were found with a black handgun nearby, according to newspaper, relying on police and residential real-estate reports.

Equally shocking is how long the family’s disappearance went unnoticed. Neighbors told the paper that they hadn’t seen the family since Christmas.

Collin Prochnow, who lives next door, said that when he and his wife returned from an out-of-town visit, he noticed packages had piled up on the front stoop. Only after he walked home with the packages did he glance into the Crowleys’ large front window.

“He came home and said there were dummies [mannequins] on the floor. And a gun,” his wife Judy told the Star Tribune.

“To me, they just didn’t look human,” said Prochnow, who had assumed the Crowleys had gone out of town for a while.

He even shoveled their driveway a couple of times.

Prochnow also recalled a night in December when he awoke to something that sounded like gunshots, he told KARE 11, but he never thought anything of it until he found the bodies.

Judy Prochnow said that another neighbor had also commented to her about the curtains at the Crowleys’ home being wide open when, usually, they were closed.

David Crowley was a filmmaker. He recently wrote and directed a film called Gray State.

Crowley’s father, Daniel said he hadn’t heard from his son and daughter-in-law over the holidays.

“We tried,” he told the Star Tribune in a phone conversation.