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October 05, 2011 10:35 AM

It was a different role for the imprisoned Cameron Douglas: the prosecution’s star witness in a drug-conspiracy trail of an accused dealer.

The scene was Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday, as the troubled son of Michael Douglas and grandson of Kirk Douglas identified defendant David Escalera as the dealer who in clandestine meetings at gas stations, restaurants supplied Cameron, 32, with cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin, reports New York’s Daily News.

Scruffy- looking in court, where he testified for four hours, Cameron, who is currently serving a five-year sentence for dealing methamphetamine, sported blue prison-issued pants and matching smock over a black T-shirt. He mumbled, shook on the stand and told stories of his own drug-dealing past.

About Escalera, Douglas testified, “We started to become friends. We spent more time together, stuff like that,” according to the News, which also reports that Douglas described how David’s brother Eduardo supplied drugs that Douglas then sold as part of a bi-coastal drug ring.

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Testifying against the brothers was part of Douglas’s plea when he was sentenced last year. He is also expected back in court Wednesday.

Speaking about his own drug-dealing career, Douglas said on Tuesday, “It was something that just came out of nowhere.”

So did several strange incidents as a result. According to the New York Post, Douglas also testified that he seduced a defense lawyer who smuggled him pills behind bars at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Manhattan.

“From what I can remember, I saw her take it out of her bra,” Douglas said, according to the Post report, which also quotes Douglas as saying his relationship with the unidentified lawyer didn’t end when he was sent to prison in Pennsylvania. He advised her to lie on an official form so the visits could continue.

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