Melora Rivera escaped through a second-story window after a man broke into her California home

By Caitlin Keating
Updated September 26, 2014 03:15 PM
Credit: Alex Thompson/ AP

A California woman hurried out a second-story window of her home to get onto the roof and hide from a home intruder – and the entire incident was caught on camera.

On Wednesday morning, Christian Hicks, 29, allegedly broke into the Venice Beach, California, home of Melora Rivera, who said she was sleeping when she was woken up by the sound of her front door being forced open.

“He managed to break one of those panels and reach in to unlock the door,” Rivera told CBS Los Angeles. “Once I saw him in the house, I knew that we both couldn’t be there. I knew that I didn’t want to have a confrontation with him of any sort, you know, not knowing what his intention was.”

Rivera, 29, quickly ran to an upstairs window and escaped onto the roof, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

She then called 911.

When officers arrived at the scene they saw both Rivera and Hicks on the roof. Although they were close to each other, Hicks was unable to see Rivera.

Meanwhile, a local woman took pictures of the dramatic – and terrifying – scene as it unfolded.

“I’m zooming in and I’m snapping pictures of her – she’s, like, on the phone – and then this head pops up from the other side of the roof behind her, this figure that was so scary,” the onlooker told NBC 4 in Los Angeles.

Quickly, the Los Angeles Fire Department leaned a ladder against Rivera’s roof, which allowed her to get down safely.

The officers then ordered the suspect to climb down and he complied.

Hicks was arrested and now faces felony charges. He is being held on $50,000 bail.

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