A suspect has been identified by police as the alleged suicide bomber

By Alexia Fernández
May 22, 2017 10:21 PM

Law enforcement officials in the U.K. suspect the bombing at Manchester Arena on Monday night following an Ariana Grande concert was the work of a suicide bomber, according to various reports.

According to NBC News, U.S. officials were briefed by authorities in the U.K. that forensic evidence and a body had been identified at the site of the bombing.

A male on the scene has identified as the probable bomber, CNN reports.

According to CBS News, the alleged bomber traveled to the arena via train and detonated the bomb as people were leaving.

Credit: Dave Thompson/Getty

Police have said 19 people were killed and approximately 50 others were injured in the explosion. Manchester police said on Twitter that “this is currently being treated as a terrorist incident until police know otherwise.”

The victims’ identities were not confirmed by authorities, though numerous reports highlighted Grande’s largely youth-skewing fan base, including children, teens and young adults.

British Prime Minister Teresa May says her thoughts are with victims and families after what is being treated by police “as an appalling terrorist attack.”

“Ariana is okay,” her rep said in a statement to PEOPLE. “We are further investigating what happened.”