A judge can't stifle his laughter during a court appearance
Credit: Broward Sheriff's Office

Appearing in court to face a drug charge is no laughing matter – unless your name is Edward Cocaine.

A Florida judge could not suppress his giggles when a bailiff announced Cocaine’s name in bond court Wednesday, reports Fort Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel newspaper. Cocaine was arrested Tuesday for drug possession. (For Xanax, not your first guess.)

“You know, I’d thought I’d seen it all,” Judge John “Jay” Hurley said with a laugh after initially expressing disbelief at the defendant’s name.

He then grilled Cocaine about the unusual moniker.

“How many times have the police told you to step out of the car during your life?” Hurley asked.

“Just about every time I get pulled over,” Cocaine admitted with a chuckle after proving his legal last name as it appears on his driver’s license.

“My great-grandparents came over here from Greece and they changed it. That was like in the 1920s,” Cocaine explained.

“I’m still trying to absorb this,” Hurley said before taking it easy on him.

He was released on his own recognizance.