No one was hurt during the robbery, though the workers' childhoods are thought to have been irrevocably damaged

By People Staff
Updated November 17, 2014 08:30 AM
Diane Collins/Jordan Hollender/Getty

Talk about a seasonal creep.

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have released CCTV footage of a man dressed as Santa Claus robbing a post office Saturday. Mr. Kringle crammed fistfuls of cash into a sack before fleeing the scene in a cream-colored Jeep with stolen license plates.

No one was hurt, but Victoria police detective Bryan Strangman told 9News that the two female postal workers on duty were “quite shaken” by the incident. (Strangman adds that the pair initially thought that the man “was going to give them some lollies.”)

Police have asked the public to come forward with any details – so far, all they know is that he’s a 6′-tall Caucasian male with a beard as white as snow. Other details, such as twinkling eyes, a nose like a cherry and a mouth drawn up like a bow, are speculative at this point.

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