The 65-year-old Colombian man was allegedly hiding half a kilogram of cocaine underneath his hairpiece

By Joelle Goldstein
July 16, 2019 08:06 PM
Man who hid cocaine under his toupee
Spanish National Police/Twitter

A Colombian man was taken into custody this week after he allegedly attempted to smuggle cocaine underneath his toupee while traveling.

On Tuesday, Spain’s National Police announced on Twitter that they had arrested a man in the Barcelona Airport on June 18 after TSA agents discovered half a kilogram of cocaine hidden under his hairpiece.

“Stopped in #Barcelona with drugs in his toupee … his hair is going to fall out !!” the police quipped alongside photos of the man wearing his toupee, as well as one of him without it, revealing the bag of drugs on top of his head.

His appearance alone seemed to be enough to spark curiosity for any passerby, as the toupee was unnaturally positioned high above his head due to the thickness of the bag.

Officials, however, told La Vanguardia that 65-year-old man, who was traveling to Bogotá, initially drew attention to himself at the security checkpoint by his nervous behavior.

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According to the outlet, the unidentified man was allegedly carrying close to 503 grams (1.1 pounds) of cocaine on his head, which is reportedly worth at least $33,000.

After being detained, the man was charged with a crime against public health. He remains under the Judicial Authority’s custody, La Vanguardia reports.

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The recent drug bust follows two other similar incidents involving other South American citizens and cocaine.

In May, the Spanish National Police arrested 12 members of a family gang that had allegedly smuggled plastic products with cocaine infused inside from Colombia, according to CNN.

The group was reportedly producing more than 600 kilograms (1,322 pounds) of cocaine per month, the Spanish National Police said.

One month later, a Brazilian Air Force officer was arrested while traveling with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro after he allegedly smuggled 39 kilograms (85 pounds) into Seville, Spain, CNN reports.