Male DNA Found in Lisa Ziegert Murder Case, 24 Years After Her Death

Despite finding the DNA, police databases did not find a DNA match.

Photo: Don Treeger/The Republican/AP

Two decades after the murder of 24-year-old Lisa Ziegert in 1992, officials have released two images of the suspect wanted in her death.

On Wednesday morning, the Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni announced they had found male DNA through forensic testing.

“Individual predictions were made for the subject’s ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckling and face shape,” Gulluni said at a press conference. “By combining these attributes of appearance, a Snapshot composite was produced depicting what the suspect would have looked like at 25 years old and with an average body-mass index.”

The genetic material recovered from the crime scene and from Ziegert’s remains allowed experts to create the composite sketch, as well as a second one of the suspect aged to 50 years.

The evidence was analyzed by Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA technology company in Virginia.

Ziegert was a local middle school teacher who was abducted on April 15, 1992 while working at her second job at a card shop in Agawam, Massachusetts.

Her body was found four days later in a wooded area and her death was ruled a homicide.

Ziegert’s mother, Dee Ziegert, told reporters at the press conference that she and her family were moved by the developments.

“We are totally impressed and overwhelmed with the fact that this is available,” she said.

“The hope of the family and friends is that someone will come forward with good information,” she continued. “Help us bring this person to justice.”

For any information regarding this case, contact the Hampden District Attorney’s Ziegert Tip-line at 413-333-9148.

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