The prank, inspired by a horror film, resulted in nothing more than an uptick in anonymous tips to police

By Alex Heigl
August 17, 2014 10:20 AM

Thankfully, life failed to imitate art in Louisville, Kentucky, Friday night.

A social media hoax parroting the plot of the horror film The Purge (and its recent sequel) failed to instigate the proposed crime spree of the films, reports

The films posit a future America where everyone in the country is allowed to commit any crime with total impunity during a 12-hour window.

In Louisville, a flier circulated on social media that attempted to instigate a “purge” in the city, and while police reported a higher rate of anonymous tips than usual, they did not report a higher crime rate.

The FBI and local police were alerted to the flier – Louisville police spokesman Dwight Mitchell told The Courier-Journal that they spoke with the student who claimed to post the original flier.

The unidentified student told the duPont Manual High School’s online paper, the Manual Red Eye, that the flier was “originally supposed to be just a fun thing, I never thought it’d get as serious as it did.”

“I was really shocked the first time I saw local media covering it,” he added.