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She can have unlimited visitors, use the phone and Internet and even drink alcohol

May 30, 2011 04:00 PM

For the next month or so, Lindsay Lohan will be confined to her Venice, Calif., townhouse as part of her sentence for her theft conviction.

It’s certainly not jail – visitors, Internet and phone are all allowed – but a source tells PEOPLE the 24-year-old actress still has a few rules to follow, most of which are standard for home confinement:


• Leaving home only for medical appointments or to go to the probation department, as long as advance notice is given.

• Visitors can come and go without restrictions.

• Unlimited phone and Internet use.


• Going outside the “interior premises” of the home without prior authorization; that’ll set off her ankle bracelet.

• Going to work-related events outside the home. (Lohan also can’t perform her community service while confined.)

• Tampering with the ankle bracelet, which would sound an alarm to her monitors.

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