She files a motion to seal her upcoming deposition – and ban video cameras

By People Staff
Updated October 10, 2008 10:40 AM

Lindsay Lohan – camera shy?

The actress filed a motion on Wednesday, asking the judge to ban any filming of her upcoming deposition.

Her lawyers also asked that no transcript or description of the deposition be entered into the public record.

Lohan, 22, is preparing to give testimony in a case filed by girlfriend Samantha Ronson. (The DJ is suing her former lawyers, claiming they failed to adequately represent her in a previous lawsuit.)

The documents claim that a videotaped deposition would “unduly embarrass, oppress and burden” Lohan. They also claim it’s a “virtual certainty” that a video or transcript “will be illegally exploited by the media.”

A judge is scheduled to consider Lohan’s motion in November.