Her alcohol-monitoring bracelet went off after the MTV Movie Awards, violating her bail terms

By People Staff
June 08, 2010 07:05 PM
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Something set off Lindsay Lohan‘s alcohol-monitoring bracelet – and that set off a judge.

An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for the actress by the same Los Angeles judge who earlier issued a warrant when Lohan failed to show up to court.

Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel found Lohan violated the terms of her bail and upped her bail to $200,000. A bond was later posted and the warrant was quashed. A hearing takes place next month.

A source close to the case tells PEOPLE the court-ordered alcohol-monitoring bracelet, called a SCRAM device, was triggered Sunday evening during an MTV Movie Awards after-party.

District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison says the device was set off by “an alcohol-related violation.” Lohan, 23, was fitted with the bracelet last month as part of her probation case after two DUI convictions.

On her Twitter page, Lohan denies being in violation of bail. “My scram wasn’t set off,” she writes in a series of Tweets full of misspellings, grammar errors and profanity.

“Its physically impossible considering I’ve nothing for it to go off All of these false resports are absolutely wrong,” she writes. “This is all because of FALSE accusation by tabloids & paparazzi & it is f—— digusting I’ve been more than I’m compliance & feeling great.”

Reporting by KEN LEE

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