Lindsay Lohan Sparks Controversy After Dressing Up Like Sharon Tate on Charles Manson's Birthday: Photo

Lindsay Lohan posted a photo of herself dressed as Sharon Tate to Instagram on Charles Manson's 81st birthday

Photo: Courtesy Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan picked a questionable time to pay homage to Sharon Tate.

The Mean Girls star posted a picture of herself dressed as the late actress to Instagram on Thursday, which happens to be the birthday of the man who arranged her murder, Charles Manson.

“I LOVE SHARON TATE #CANCERmeetsAQUARIUS #themelook #hippieWINTERCHIC,” the actress, 29, captioned, while decked out in ’60s garb, including a floral crop top, matching short shorts and vintage boots.

Tate was killed on Aug. 9, 1969, when members of Manson’s cult broke into her Beverly Hills home and stabbed the pregnant 26-year-old actress to death. Manson, who just turned 81, is currently serving nine consecutive life sentences at Corcoran State Prison in California.

Speaking on Manson and his followers, Tate’s sister Deborah previously told PEOPLE, “They’re nothing that should be regarded in any way, shape or form. What should be regarded are the people that were lost. They were truly magnificent people.”

While it’s unclear if Lohan knew it was Manson’s birthday on Thursday, some of her 4 million Instagram followers believe the message was in bad taste.

“I’m not sure if you realized that you posted the photo on Manson’s 81st birthday…#badtiming,” one follower wrote. But others weren’t as quick to give the actress the benefit of the doubt, with another writing, “I’m sure she would be proud that you are celebrating her on her killers bday.”

Not to be left out, the Twittersphere reacted to Lohan’s post in force:

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