Police have accused the actress of not following the rules of her probation
Credit: Larsen/Tony/INF

Lindsay Lohan‘s attorney is firing back after accusations surfaced last month that the actress had alcohol on her breath and refused a Breathalyzer test while in treatment.

“I had numerous conversations with Betty Ford counselors and doctors over the course of Lindsay’s treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs,” Shawn Chapman Holley said Wednesday. “Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that.”

Lohan, 24, came under fire after Palm Desert, Calif., police stated on Monday that they believed Lohan committed misdemeanor battery against a rehab employee on Dec. 12, as well as other violations of her probation.

It remains to be seen whether Lohan’s judge will seek to punish the actress. Judge Elden Fox previously threatened Lohan with six months in jail for any more slip-ups.

She faces a routine progress review hearing on Feb. 25 and will be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol until then.