Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan Wants Time with Family Before Rehab

The actress is "a little upset right" worrying about how quickly she'll go from jail to treatment

Photo: Pool/Getty

With less than a week left in jail, Lindsay Lohan is now thinking – and worrying – about what comes next: her mandatory three months in rehab.

“She s a little upset right now,” her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley said after visiting the actress Tuesday. “She’d like to spend some time with her family, and there s at least some question as to whether or not she ll have to go directly to rehab.”

Prosecutors confirmed Tuesday that Lohan must report to an L.A.-based residential rehab facility 24 hours after her release from jail, which likely will be Sunday or Monday, but her attorney is concerned “there’s a push now for her to go directly to rehab from jail.”

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“I think it would only be fair for her to spend some time with her family and that s what she d like for me to emphasize to judge,” says Holley.

Lohan, 24, has been jailed at the women’s facility in Lynwood, Calif., since July 20 for a 90-day sentence for violating probation in a DUI case. Her term is being reduced due to overcrowding.

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