Mom-of-Two Killed Alongside Husband, Who Survived Wounds: 'They Were The Perfect Family'

"We are a very resilient family and everybody will bond together," says her family member

Jenny Parks, a mother of two, attended Sunday’s Route 91 Harvest music festival with her husband, Bobby. Bobby was shot in the arm, but Jenny did not survive the shooting.

“They were high school sweethearts,” says Bobby’s uncle, Dr. Steven McCarthy. “When we met Jenny we all fell in love with her.”

Jenny, who was in her 30s and got her masters in education in May, was teaching elementary school in Lancaster, California, where she lived with Bobby and their and two children. Their oldest, Bryce, had just started high school and Lea was in elementary school.

Says McCarthy, “They were the perfect family.”

He says that Jenny was “absolutely beautiful and very intelligent, had a wonderful sense of humor and was so kind.”

Jenny was the woman, he adds, who always made sure the holiday decorations looked great. She was in the middle of planning a party for Bobby’s 40th birthday, which is next week.

“It was a big surprise,” says McCarthy, who recently gave them Bobby’s great grandmother’s piano, which they decided to refurbish. “She had rented a cabin by a lake. There was going to be boating and everything.”

Jenny and Bobby Parks Las Vegas shooting victimCredit: Dr. Steven McCarthy
Dr. Steven McCarthy

Bobby, who sells solar panels for a living, is a “kind young gentleman” and McCarthy couldn’t be prouder to be his uncle.

A former co-worker of Bobby’s set up a GoFundMe page for the family to help them during this time.

The entire family is grieving, says McCarthy, and it’ll take a long time to heal. According to him, doctors suspect the bullet wound went through her and then hit Bobby’s arm and finger.

“We are a very resilient family and everybody will bond together,” he says. “But this will be very hard for him. It’s a major loss.”

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