First 4 Kim Kardashian West Robbery Suspects Indicted by French Prosecutors: Reports

Four days after 17 suspects were arrested in connection with Kardashian West's Paris heist, the first charges have been reportedly filed

Four days after more than a dozen suspects were arrested in connection with Kim Kardashian West‘s Paris heist, the first charges have been filed.

According to French television station BFM TV, four men were indicted on Thursday.

The first, a 64-year-old man identified by Le Parisien/AFP, was charged with conspiracy and helping arrange the resale of stolen jewelry. His lawyer denied any involvement of his client in the case to the station.

Two more suspects, age 63 and 44, have also been indicted for conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping and forceable confinement. The 63-year-old suspect has been identified Yunice A., and the 44-year-old as Florus H.

A fourth suspect, Gary M., age 27, identified as the younger brother of Kardashian West’s Paris chauffeur, also appeared before a French judge and was charged with assisting an armed robbery and kidnapping.

The robbery took place at the No Address Hotel during the early hours of Oct. 3. Kardashian West, 36, who was in the city for Paris Fashion Week, was held at gunpoint by masked men who stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from her — including a $4 million ring.

Meanwhile, of the 17 suspects arrested Monday across France, six reportedly remain in custody and are expected to appear before a judge Friday morning.

The ages of two of the indicted suspects, 64 and 63, likely won’t come as a surprise to those who have watched the investigation and arrests unfold in France this week. The suspects have been dubbed “grandfather robbers” by French media, in part due to their age as well as the fact that the alleged criminals are familiar faces to French police known for previous crimes.

Of those still in police custody, a group which includes five men and one woman, the majority are reportedly well over 50 years old — and some are in their 70s. The average age of the five suspects believed to be the men that disguised themselves as policemen and forced their way into Kardashian West’s room is reportedly 55 years old.

French media has profiled some of the suspects as a “past the age of retirement” gang with colorful nicknames, hard criminal pasts and long records. The indicted suspect Marceau B. is an alleged member of France’s resident gypsy community and a seasoned criminal with multiple convictions. (The media has dubbed him “Broken Nose.”)

Seven years ago, Marceau B. was reportedly implicated in two highway robberies just days apart in which robbers disguised themselves as police officers and nabbed $6.5 million in jewels.

Another suspect, identified as Omar, age 60, is reportedly believed to have tied Kardashian West up in her hotel room. Investigators reportedly believe it was his DNA that was found on the scene on adhesive tape and a plastic tie used to restrain the star. (He has been dubbed “Omar the Old.”)

Omar was reportedly arrested in bed at home in the Paris suburb of Creteil, along with his two sons, age 29 and 23. (It is unclear whether his two sons are still in custody.) Omar is reportedly believed to have led the five robbers disguised as police officers into the hotel.

Another suspect has been identified as 60-year-old Didier D., nicknamed “Blue Eyes.” Didier D. is a veteran professional whom authorities reportedly believe was one of the two robbers that entered Kardashian West’s room. He was reportedly arrested in 1999 for a cocaine trafficking scheme involving a Saudi Arabian prince’s private jet, and is reported to have spent eight years in prison.

Police are reportedly still trying to outline the role of a suspect identified as Pierre B., age 72, the eldest of the suspects. He was arrested at his villa north of Cannes.

His partner, identified as Christiane G., age 70, is another suspect in Kardashian West’s Paris heist. Police reportedly believe she was involved in transporting the reality star’s stolen jewelry to Antwerp, Belgium.

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Kardashian West, meanwhile, is currently in Dubai, where she is scheduled to make her first official public appearance since the incident at close friend and celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic‘s Master Class on Friday.

The star only recently stepped back into the spotlight after taking a hiatus from the public eye and social media post-robbery, and a source told PEOPLE this week that while she is “relieved” that Paris investigators are making progress in the case, the constant reminder of the terrifying incident hasn’t been easy on her.

“Any updates makes her relive everything,” said the insider. “It’s still very tough for her to deal with.”

The source told PEOPLE she will be flanked by security but is looking forward to the trip.

“She is excited about the change of scenery,” said the source. “And she’s looking forward to spending time with her fans.”

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