The 24 star will soon complete his 48-day sentence for DUI-related offenses
Credit: Courtesy Glendale Police Department

After 48 days behind bars, Kiefer Sutherland will be released from incarceration Monday morning, a Glendale City Jail rep tells PEOPLE.

“He’ll be let out the front door just like everyone else,” Officer John Balian says. “I have no idea who’ll be picking him up.”

In jail for his second DUI conviction and for violating probation, Sutherland, 41, will have served his entire sentence. He spent his birthday, Christmas and New Year’s at the Los Angeles-area facility.

“Throughout his stay, he never griped, never complained,” Balian added. “He never wanted preferential treatment from the get go, and we respect him for that.”

Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Sutherland is housed alone in an 8 by 10 foot cell, but is not confined to it, having access to a larger day room with a TV.

Thus far, Sutherland was only visited once by his attorney. The 24 star did not include any family or friends on his visitor request list. (His doctor was the only other approved visitor).

The actor spent his days on laundry duty, and occasionally did clean-up work, such as emptying trash bins and mopping up.

As for reading material, Sutherland only brought two books with him. Although the jail was deluged with fan mail for its star prisoner, all of it was rerouted to his publicist.

Sutherland did not make an excessive amount of phone calls either, Balian says, and kept largely to himself, having scant contact with other inmates.

Although actor Gary Collins is incarcerated for DUI at the same facility, the two are housed in separate areas.