Kiefer Sutherland a 'Model Prisoner'

The actor spends his first full day in the Glendale City Jail folding laundry

Photo: Courtesy Glendale Police Department

Kiefer Sutherland, starting Day 3 of his 48-day sentence for DUI and a probation violation, is a “model prisoner,” says a spokesman for the Glendale City Jail.

“He’s not happy to be here,” Officer John Balian says, “but you can tell from his demeanor that he’s sorry and takes responsibility for what’s he’s done.”

Sutherland spent his first full day on Thursday folding jail laundry. He also had cornflakes for breakfast, a turkey sandwich for lunch and chicken a la king for dinner.

The 24 actor, who is housed alone in a cell, has also been assigned to serve meals to the other eight to 10 inmates, one of whom was recently arrested for attempted murder – on four people.

“But we don’t put murderers or rapists who are awaiting trial in the same area as a guy convicted of a DUI,” Balian explains, adding that Sutherland, as an inmate worker, has access alone to one of three common rooms, each with a television.

The only interaction Sutherland will have with other inmates is when he slides a tray of food through slots in their cell doors.

He also has shower access twice a day.

As of Thursday evening, Sutherland had not had any visitors. However, Balian says that the actor brought several books to keep him busy.

The jail spokesman reiterates that Sutherland will do the full 48 days straight without early release:

“There’s no way he’s getting out early, unless a judge orders otherwise, which is highly unlikely,” he says.

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