Kesha Recorded New Music 'at Her Own Expense': Source Says 'She's Not Giving Up' on Dr. Luke Lawsuit

The singer has delivered 28 new songs to producer Dr. Luke amid their contentious lawsuit

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Kesha is ready to release new music – but only time will tell if and when it will be heard.

“She recorded it at her own expense,” an insider tells PEOPLE exclusively of the 28 new tracks the pop star has delivered to her longtime producer and label head Dr. Luke. “It’s up to them to put the music out at this point.”

Adds the insider, the songs are “in various stages of development.”

A rep for Luke did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The music news comes as Kesha’s attorney announced the singer has dropped her claims in a California lawsuit against Dr. Luke to focus on a similar case in New York.

“She’s not giving up on her allegations of abuse,” adds the insider.

Those allegations – that Luke, 42, drugged, raped and sexually, physically, emotionally and verbally abused Kesha for a decade – first came to light in 2014.

Luke emphatically denies the accusations. The hitmaker is suing his artist for breach of contract and defamation and tweeted in February: “I did not rape Kesha and I have never had sex with her.”

WATCH: Kesha Drops California Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke: She’s ‘Getting Back to Work’ and Has 28 New Songs, Says Lawyer

The former collaborators’ lawsuit came to a contentious boil in February, when the parties’ lawyers squared off at a New York City hearing. Kesha broke down in tears when a judge denied her request for a preliminary injunction that would allow her to record music outside of Luke’s purview. Then in April, the same judge dismissed the abuse claims in her New York lawsuit.

Now that Kesha, 29, has ended her litigation in California, it appears she and her counsel plan to appeal the judge’s decision.

“Kesha has dismissed her California action without prejudice while she pursues her appeal and other legal claims in the New York courts,” Kesha’s lawyer Daniel M. Petrocelli said Monday in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Kesha is focused on getting back to work and has delivered 28 new songs to the record label. We have conveyed to Sony Music and the label Kesha’s strong desire to release her next album and single as soon as possible,” Petrocelli added.

Luke’s lawyer, Christine Lepera, responded, telling PEOPLE in a statement: “If Kesha is voluntarily dismissing her claims in the California case, it is because she has no chance of winning them. Earlier this year, she lost her meritless counterclaims against Dr. Luke in the New York Action.”

Added Lepera: “Recently, the California Court invited Dr. Luke and the other defendants to move to dismiss Kesha’s claims in that action. Kesha should never have brought her false and meritless claims against Dr. Luke in any court. Dr. Luke’s defamation and other claims against Kesha are still proceeding.”

Late Monday night, Kesha – who will hit the road for her F— the World Tour in August with the new act Kesha and the Creepies – addressed the lawsuit on Instagram, captioning a selfie: ” I need to get my music out. I have so much to say. This lawsuit is so heavy on my once free spirit, and I can only pray to one day feel that happiness again. I am continuing to fight for my rights in New York.”

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