In 2014, the singer filed a lawsuit alleging her longtime producer sexually and emotionally abused her
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Kesha won a small victory in her ongoing lawsuit against her longtime producer Dr. Luke.

In 2014, the “Die Young” singer, 28, filed a lawsuit against the music producer, alleging he sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her for a decade.

Dr. Luke, 42, then filed a countersuit, claiming Kesha and her mother, Pebe Sebert, planned to extort him, alleging that the mother and daughter threatened to go public with the assault allegations if he refused to release Kesha from her long-term recording contract and give her publishing rights to her music.

At the same time, Dr. Luke also claimed Kesha’s manager, Jack Rovner, and her mother convinced Kesha to question their recording contract’s validity.

But on Wednesday,New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich granted a motion by Pebe to dismiss Luke’s claims against her after determining there was no jurisdiction over her, The Hollywood Reporter reports; however, Dr. Luke filed a similar suit against Pebe in Tennessee, which is still in play.

Additionally, the judge dismissed Dr. Luke’s claim that Kesha’s manager Rovner wrongfully interfered in their business relationship, determining that Rovner’s moves were in the scope of his authority as her manager, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Next, Kesha is due in court Feb. 19 for an injunction hearing, where the judge will rule if she can record music without Dr. Luke.

“I’m dying to put out music, I’m like dying, literally,” she told Entertainment Weekly in October. “But while I can’t, I’m just gathering ideas and just praying for the day to come soon that I can put out music.

“It’s all over the place. I have no idea what it’s going to sound like. All I know is I have a lot to write about. There’s so much to say right now. Nothing to speak of for sure yet, but just pray for it.”