In a statement to the parole board, the actor says Karen Elisa Gammer's murder "very nearly destroyed me"

By Vickie Bane
Updated July 27, 2009 06:50 PM

Kelsey Grammer’s flight from New York to Colorado Springs, Colo., was rain-delayed Monday, but it didn’t keep him making an emotional plea to deny parole to the man who raped and murdered his 18-year-old sister in 1975.

“This is a butcher – a monster,” Grammer said in a written statement of Freddie Lee Glenn Jr., who was convicted in 1976 of killing Karen Elisa Grammer. Sentenced to die in the gas chamber, Glenn’s sentence was commuted to life following a change in Colorado law.

The actor, 54, who had planned to deliver his message in person until his travel plans were scuttled, said in the statement emailed to the Limon Correctional Facility parole board that his sister’s death “very nearly destroyed me” and that he still misses her “in my bones.” He urged board members not to release Glenn since they couldn’t be sure he wouldn’t “slaughter another innocent” and “destroy another family.”

After hearing testimony Monday morning, the board denied Glenn’s parole request. He won’t be eligible for another hearing until 2014.

A Brutal Attack

In 1975, Karen worked as a waitress in Colorado Springs. At 2 a.m. on July 1, she was sitting on the curb of the parking lot at the restaurant where she worked when three men forced her at gunpoint into their car.

They took her to an apartment and raped her, then drove to an alley where Glenn pushed her out of the car. In his confession, one of the accomplices told police that Glenn made Karen raise her head, then slashed her throat and stabbed her twice, leaving her body lying in the alley. Somehow she managed to crawl to a nearby trailer park where her body was found the next morning.

It was Kelsey Grammer – then just 20 years old – who came to collect his sister’s body from the mortuary, and return with it to his family in Pompano Beach, Fla. “It destroyed my grandmother,” said Grammer in his statement. “My mother was broken by it.”