Keanu Reeves Wins Case Against Paparazzo

A jury finds the actor is not responsible for a photographer's purported injuries

Photo: Matt Sayles/AP

It’s a Sweet November for Keanu Reeves, who was found not responsible for a paparazzo’s purported injuries.

During a five-day civil trial in Los Angeles, photographer Alison Silva – who was suing Reeves for $711,974 in medical bills, lost wages, and punitive damages – claimed the Speed star struck him with his Porsche in March 2007.

But attorneys for Reeves, 44, who testified in the trial, pointed out contradicting statements by Silva and then presented the jury with video of the photographer using his injured hand to climb down a fence after shooting video of Britney Spears.

After taking a break from the trial over the weekend, the jury met Monday morning and unanimously rejected the case after less than three hours of deliberations.

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