Pregnant Wash. Woman Who Vanished Before Sonogram Is Still Missing, as Police Search Ex's Home

Police are now handling Kassanndra Cantrell's disappearance as a homicide investigation

Kassanndra Cantrell
Kassanndra Cantrell. Photo: Facebook

During a press briefing Tuesday, investigators in Washington state characterized the Aug. 25 disappearance of Kassanndra Cantrell as "suspicious," noting the FBI has joined to assist in what is now being handled as a homicide investigation.

Pierce County Sheriff's Department Detective Ed Troyer told reporters that detectives are working around the clock to find the pregnant 33-year-old woman, who was reported missing by relatives on Aug. 27, a day after missing an appointment for her first sonogram.

Relatives claim Cantrell's social media activity ceased on Aug. 25, which is uncharacteristic.

Troyer said officers were still searching areas of the county for any sign of Cantrell, who is a resident of Parkland.

He said a Pierce County Sheriff's Department SWAT team served a warrant at the home of Cantrell's ex-boyfriend Monday evening. He said authorities have a suspect in mind, but it was unclear if the ex-boyfriend was a suspect.

"If she is still alive we want to find her," Troyer explained. "Unfortunately, we haven't found her and that's why we're working this as a homicide until something tells us differently, and I hope that day comes but as you can see by the amount of work going on here, the probability of that coming to light isn't strong."

Kassandnra Cantrell
Kassanndra Cantrell. Pierce County Sheriff's Department

Troyer said forensic crews were going over the ex's home and a vehicle, looking for clues.

"We want to take a look at and do a deeper dive," said Troyer, noting the man whose home was searched dated Cantrell years ago.

"We did develop some new information that they have been around each other recently and that it wasn't just an ex-boyfriend from many years ago," said Troyer.

Over the weekend, police confirmed finding Cantrell's unoccupied white Mazda sedan, not far from a highway overpass near the Tacoma Dome.

Investigators say Cantrell was last seen at about 8:30 a.m. on Aug. 25, as she drove away from her family's Parkland residence.

According to authorities, "Cantrell's friends believe that she may have planned to go to a grocery store, but there have been no records of financial activity to verify that she went shopping."

Cantrell is white and stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 180 lbs. and has brown hair and blue eyes.

There has been no activity on Cantrell's cell phone since the day she went missing.

Cantrell's mother, Marie Smith, told KING-TV her daughter was excited to be a mother.

"She already picked out names for a girl or boy," said Smith.

Anyone who sees Cantrell is urged to call 911.

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