Brown's boyfriend Charlie Carver remains missing

By Karen Mizoguchi
November 03, 2016 08:11 PM

A South Carolina woman has been found alive after being held captive inside a metal storage container at a property in Woodruff, South Carolina, local authorities confirmed on Thursday.

Kala Brown, 30, of Anderson County was found over two months after she went missing on Aug. 31. Police found Brown “chained inside the container like a dog,” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright told NBC-WYFF. The owner of the property, Todd Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender, was taken into custody and will be charged with kidnapping.

According to Wright, Brown said she had been held in the container for two months with a chain around her neck. It was “by the grace of God that she was found alive,” he told reporters, adding that there could be four bodies still on the property. “We’re trying to make sure we don’t have a serial killer on our hands.”

Source: Kala Brown/Facebook

On Thursday morning, officers heard loud banging noises coming from the metal storage container while they were searching Kohlhepp’s property, after receiving a tip about a sex crime. Also on the 100-acre property were various weapons, ammunition and Brown’s car and cell phone in the parking lot.

“It’s all by God’s grace that we found that little girl alive,” Wright told WYFF.

“It’s great just knowing that she’s alive and I can go see her and hug her and tell her how much I love her,” Cassandra Ellen, a friend of Brown’s, said to WYFF.

Though Brown was found alive, her boyfriend Charlie Carver — who disappeared around the same time — remains missing. His vehicle was found on Kohlhepp’s property during the search Thursday, WYFF reported.

Brown’s friend told police that she had dinner with her on Aug. 29 at her apartment, then spoke to Brown the next day before all form of communication stopped the day she disappeared.

Brown was taken to a medical facility after being found. The search for Carver is continuing.

Images of Carver were last captured on security video from his workplace showing him leaving on August 31.

Brown also told investigators about four bodies possibly buried on the property — launching into a massive search Thursday, NBC News reports. By nightfall, no bodies were found though the Spartanburg Country Corner’s Office told the network it will resume Friday.