The pop sensation fails to charm Maryland state troopers with his water balloon prank

By People Staff
September 10, 2010 01:00 PM

Contrary to Justin Bieber’s hit single, “U Smile,” Maryland state troopers were anything but grinning at the singing sensation before he took the stage at the state fair last Sunday.

According to a state police spokesperson, while the hair-flipping wonder boy, 16, was “horsing around with members of his staff” outside his trailer, he chucked water balloons at two troopers, reports Baltimore’s WBAL-TV. One balloon hit a trooper’s gun belt before it burst, and the other balloon sideswiped a trooper on the chest.

The troopers were monitoring crowd control at the concert, which was sold-out. Police did not file an incident report and will take no further action, said the spokesperson about Bieber’s “inappropriate behavior.”
Alison Schwartz

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