RoseMary Shell successfully sued her fiancé for calling off their wedding

July 25, 2008 08:45 AM

In what sounds like the plot of a Julia Roberts movie, a jury in Georgia this week awarded a woman $150,000 after she sued her fiancé for breaking off their engagement three days before the wedding.

Adding insult to injury, the groom-to-be, Wayne Gibbs, informed his intended, RoseMary Shell, of his decision by leaving her a note in the bathroom.

Shell said she left her friends and a $81,000-a-year job in Florida to move to Georgia to be with Gibbs, and that she also suffered emotionally since the wedding was called off last year.

Speaking to Meredith Vieira on Friday’s Today show, where she appeared with her attorney Lydia J. Sartain, Shell refuted Gibbs’s claim that she was swimming in debt. The allegation, she said, is “simply not true.”

While Gibbs did not appear on Today, his attorney, Hammond Law, reportedly told jurors in his closing arguments for the breach-of-contract suit: “You would be sending the message that if you have a dispute with somebody and you think they have been a scoundrel, go get a lawyer and hope the Brink’s truck backs up to the jury room.”

He added, “If you award one penny, you’re saying, ‘File frivolous lawsuits.’ ”

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