The judge halts the proceedings after the Florida mom yells at her psychiatrist

Credit: Jay Conner/The Tampa Tribune/AP

For the first few days of Julie Schenecker’s trial, the Florida mom has sat quietly at the defense table, seldom looking up from her legal pad.

Even while hearing testimony about the gunshot wounds to her daughter, Calyx and son, Beau, she has remained silent.

But all that changed on Friday afternoon, when the Florida woman yelled at her psychiatrist in open court. Dr. Demian Obregon testified that he had warned her not to mix alcohol with her bipolar medication.

“Liar!” she shouted, causing several jurors to jump. “You told me two drinks a day, two Oxys a day.”

Judge Emmett Battles immediately halted the trial, ordering the jury out of the room. Schenecker’s sister, sitting in the second row, wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

“If there’s another outburst, you will be restrained,” the judge admonished Schenecker. “Do you understand?”

Hesitantly, Schenecker nodded yes.

Obregon testified that he met Schenecker, 53, a handful of times for a six-month period, ending about a month before the shooting. Referring to his notes, he testified that she had become increasingly depressed.

The trial is expected to continue next week.