The Tampa woman is hospitalized and charged with two counts of murder
Credit: St. Petersburg Times/Zuma

Tragedy struck Tampa Thursday night. Julie Powers Schenecker, 50-year-old wife of a U.S. Army colonel, has admitted to killing her teen son and daughter, say police.

She first shot son Beau, 13, twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol for “talking back” as she was driving him to soccer practice in suburban Tampa, according to the arrest affidavit.

The police report says she then drove to her $448,000 family home and shot her daughter Calyx, 16 – a high school cross-country running star – in the face as she sat studying at the computer.

The explanation she gave police was that the teens were being “mouthy.” “She described the crimes in detail,” Police spokeswoman Laura McElroy says, adding, “That was the only reason she provided to our detectives.”

An anxious call from Schenecker’s mother in Texas (who had received an e-mail from her daughter stating that she was depressed and having trouble with the kids) led police to the home on Friday morning. There they found Schenecker covered in blood on the back porch. She was taken, reports the Associated Press, wild-eyed and shaking uncontrollably, to a Tampa hospital.

She will not appear in court Saturday – charged with two counts of murder – because she’s being treated at a hospital for an unknown condition.

Her husband, Col. Parker Schenecker, who is attached to the U.S. Central Command in Tampa, was reportedly in the Middle East at the time of the murders.

Saturday afternoon, Parker Schenecker’s Facebook page showed a photo of Calyx, smiling and surrounded by running teammates. A comment posted by Julie Schenecker on Oct. 20 reads: “that’s my baby! doin’ something i could never do-3.2 miles!!”