Judge Grants Motion to Delay Deposition of Bill Cosby s Wife, Camille

Camille had argued that she shouldn't have to testify against her spouse and be subjected to questions regarding his sexual proclivities

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A U.S. Magistrate judge agreed to postpone the deposition of Camille Cosby, which had been scheduled for Wednesday morning.

U.S. Magistrate Judge David Hennessy delayed her deposition until he can hear her emergency appeal of his ruling that the deposition should proceed.

“It would not serve (and in fact would offend) the ‘interest of justice’ for this court to deny the motion for a stay, and thereby effectively deny Mrs. Cosby any right to appeal,” Hennessy wrote in his ruling.

Hennessy’s opinion added, “In fairness then Mrs. Cosby’s deposition shall be stayed [postponed] pending her appeal.”

Joseph Cammarata, an attorney for seven women who have accused Camille’s husband Bill Cosby of drugging and/or raping them, requested Camille Cosby’s deposition in a defamation suit the accusers have filed against Bill Cosby after Bill Cosby filed a defamation suit against them.

Cammarata tells PEOPLE after the ruling, “We’re going to fight another day. The judge said they’re entitled to an appeal and let them appeal and so he put the deposition on hold to allow them to appeal. I fully expect we will ultimately be able to take Mrs. Cosby’s deposition.”

Cosby and his attorneys have denied all allegations against him.

In Camille’s emergency motion, her attorneys say she tried to get Cammarata to agree to postpone the deposition pending the outcome of her appeal. But Cammarata refused, “among other things, threatened to seek the assistance of federal marshals to compel Mrs. Cosby’s deposition on January 6,” according to a copy of the motion that was obtained by PEOPLE.

“Accordingly, Mrs. Cosby brings this emergency motion to stay her deposition so that the District Court may have a full opportunity to review the Magistrate’s order,” they wrote.

She argued that, by law, she shouldn’t have to testify against her spouse and be subjected to questions regarding his “sexual proclivities.”

Cammarata says what she has to say is important for his case.

“She’s probably the one person that has the most important, relevant information to this case,” he told PEOPLE earlier this week. “She’s married to him for 50 years. She’s his business manager. Nothing more needs to be said.”

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