John Travolta and Kelly Preston's daughter Ella is 16
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

John Travolta is totally hands-off when it comes to daughter Ella’s dating life – but that doesn’t mean he’s not curious.

The American Crime Story actor saved Ella, 16, from Ellen DeGeneres‘ boy-centric questions during an appearance on her show, Tuesday.

“I don’t interfere with that,” Travolta said of Ella’s romantic entanglements while the teen sat in the Ellen audience with mom Kelly Preston.

He continued, “I’m saving her because she has two guys that she hangs out with, I don’t ask anything about what they say or do with each other.”

Preston, however, is in on all the scoop: “I know everything,” she shared.

Luckily, dad really has nothing to worry about – yet. Ella confirmed that she’s not dating anyone. “Good, let’s keep it that way,” Travolta retorted.

The fun wasn’t quite over for Ella, though. After hearing that the brunette is trying to get her driver’s license, DeGeneres took her and Travolta out on the studio’s lot to try parallel parking.

With Ella in the driver’s seat – and Travolta and DeGeneres in the back – things got off to a rocky start as the teenager almost backed into a car.

DeGeneres’ participation was short-lived: she quickly got out of the vehicle, which she described as a life-saving measure.